Study in Poland for Free for International Students

Besides getting a quality education, great vicinities to enjoy your free times are a huge consideration. Poland is located in Europe and has a well-grown economy offering diverse opportunities for everyone. The country has a high-quality, affordable life, which any student would yearn for.

Studying in Poland is quite attractive and allows you to experience a different life as in your home country. Learn a new language, eat different types of foods, among many other benefits that come along. Are you wondering how you can grab a chance to learn in this beautiful country? Read on for tips to study in Poland for free as an international student.

Why Study in Poland?

Poland’s higher education system is highly renowned for its technical institutions. The country educates specialists in engineering and computer science. There are various institutions to choose from to enjoy a high international ranking in terms of quality skills attained.

The country is also known to provide world-class levels of medical studies. Various international students choose to study medicine in Poland. The universities also offer standard education in finance and humanities.

Free International Studies in Poland

Higher education studies are free for Poland’s citizens in public universities.

Other people who can enjoy the free full-time degree program include nationalities of the European Union, holders of valid Pole’s Card, as well as people granted as refugees in the country, among many other eligible groups of people.

The above groups are limited, and the conditions are not viable for most international students willing to secure an opportunity t study for free. The good

news is that thousands of learners are not Poland citizens and have enrolled in universities and learn for free. How can you get this opportunity?

Apply for Scholarships

The best way to get help to cater for your living costs and tuition fees is to find scholarship programs. There are always open scholarship chances that are offered by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange(NAWA).

There also different programs that offer scholarships for needy international students. You just have to look for such programs and apply, then get the chance to study in Poland without worrying about your tuition fees.


Most international students flock to different countries to further their studies. Poland is among the countries which receive large numbers of international students who are lucky to study for free.